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Love is in the air - Unmarried partners now allowed to travel to Germany

Call it what you want: #loveisessential #sweetheartvisa #loveisnottourism but after several months of debate, a decision was made last Friday to allow unmarried couples to reunite.

As of Monday, August 10th, unmarried partners from non-EU countries are allowed to enter Germany to reunite with their partner.

Of course, there are a few requirements and documents needed, but for those lucky couples ready to reconnect, it's worth it. The new ruling applies to couples who have met in person in Germany (at least once) or who have shared residence in another country.

If you can prove you are in a long-term relationship with a German, EU citizen, or third-country national with a right of residence in Germany, then you can enter for short-term visits.

Upon entering Germany, you must present the following as evidence:

-An invitation from the partner living in Germany (copy of ID of the person issuing the invitation)

-A jointly signed declaration on the existence of the relationship

-Proof of personal meetings or a shared residence in another country (passport stamps, travel documents, flight tickets, etc.)

If you have photos, social media posts, mailed, or emailed correspondence, you can also present upon entry. -Word of advice: If you plan to show pictures, it's probably best to not mentally spam the border agent with too many 'couple selfies and social media PDA posts'.


The decision on whether to allow entry is still at the discretion of the Federal Police at the border.

Safety first, all travelers must follow the quarantine requirements of the relevant federal state in which they plan to stay. A spokesperson for the German Interior Ministry said that travelers should check the official requirements of the federal state they plan to visit ahead of their arrival and ensure they follow the rules. 

Currently, everyone entering Germany from a "high-risk" area must provide the health department (by phone or email) their contact information and address of where they will be staying during self-isolation.

For travelers who present proof of being tested and show a negative result for SARS CoV-2 virus, may be freed from the quarantine obligation. It is important that the test be valid. The test must have been taken no more than 48 hours before entry to Germany, at an EU Member State, or another country with similar quality standards as in Germany.



A true nomad at heart from San Diego, CA, Tamie has thoroughly explored 48 of the 50 US states but had never been abroad until given the opportunity thanks to a massive layoff from the corporate world back in 2014.

After almost a year of traveling, volunteering, and studying around the world, she found a way to combine her passion for traveling, helping others, and teaching. She canceled her return flight a week before she was headed back. She decided to stay in Europe, and chose Hamburg, Germany, as her new home.

Tamie has since started two companies assisting expats and teachers wanting to live and work in Germany. She is the founder of Speakeasy Language Academy and co-founder of Expat Launcher.

For inquiries, please contact:

Facebook: expatlauncher

Instagram: expatlauncher


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