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Learn German - 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Language Skills

Have you recently moved to Germany and find yourself faced with the challenge of speaking the language?

Here are 5 easy ways to help improve your German:

1. Read Children’s Books

We are all pretty familiar with the books read to us as children in our native language, so reading those same books in German is a great way to practice translating relatively simple and short sentences. It also gives you a chance to build some vocabulary and the illustrations are usually very colorful and help with context.

2. Watch Disney films in German

This is a great way to enhance your auditory skills and uses the same idea as the children’s books— Disney is well-known and their storylines are familiar. You can start by watching a movie in German with English subtitles, or English with German subtitles, and eventually switch to all German and maybe even subtitle free!

3. Practice at a local market/café/bakery

You’ll find that most people in Germany do speak some English and it is possible to get by at a café or market without speaking German. However, everyone appreciates it if you try and when in Rome…or should I say when in Deutschland....

I suggest writing down a couple of questions and/or phrases you use daily when ordering vegetables at the market, coffee at a café, or a pretzel at a bakery and go practice in real-time.

Some examples are:

Wie teuer ist…? = How expensive is…?

Was kostet…?= What costs…?

Wie viel kostet? = How much does it cost?

Wie viel macht das? = How much does this…?

Dann nehme ich… = Then I will take…

Stimmt so = Keep the change

Darf's sonst noch was sein? = Is there anything else? (something you might hear the vendor say)

Gleich hier vorne = Right here in front

Ich denke, ich nehme ein… = I think I will take a…

Ich hätte gerne noch… = I would like to have a…

4. Sign Up for a Language Course

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to practice daily, signing up for a language course can be a great way to hold yourself accountable. There are many schools out there that offer different intensities and levels. It is useful to be in a classroom with a teacher who can answer those tough grammar questions you have and it's also a great way to meet other language learners.

This is a free online platform where you can learn a foreign language. Each lesson allows you to read, listen, and speak in the target language and Duo the owl motivates you by keeping track of your daily learning streak.

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Honorable mentions for learning in Germany: Lingoda | GermanPod 101

Does anyone have any tips they would like to share on how they’ve improved their German language skills? Comment below!



Claire currently lives in Bonn, Germany. She is a freelance English teacher. She holds B.A. from the University of Montana in English-Creative Writing and a minor in International Development Studies. Claire also runs an English book club and hosts weekly meetups for her students to practice English in the Bonn area.

For inquiries please contact:

Facebook: @bonnenglishbookclub Instagram: claire.venery

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