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Expat Launcher’s team consists of both locals and expats with an extensive knowledge of the German immigration system and the challenges faced when moving to another country. We offer first hand experience from a US Expat and native German citizen with a background in German law.


We provide an affordable, easy and stress-free way to move abroad. We take the confusion and hassle out of transitioning abroad by providing all the information, official forms and resources you will need throughout the entire process. We are your one-stop source for all things abroad: pre-move checklists, arrival plan, how to find a place to live, registering your address, entire visa process and getting settled in your new country.


We specialize in freelance, student and language visas. It doesn’t matter what stage you are with your move; all of our information is tailored to your specific needs and location. We go above and beyond to provide full service with one-on-one support and guidance. 


Janis Reinholtz - CEO & Co-Founder of Expat Launcher
Janis Reinholtz

Co-Founder & CEO Expat Launcher

Licensed Health Insurance Broker Specializing in Expats

Hi, I am Janis Reinholtz, Co-Founder and CEO of Expat Launcher. I graduated in German law and once upon a time was an Expat myself when studying abroad in San Francisco. Also, I am a registered insurance broker with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and specialize in health insurance for expats coming to Germany.


When I met Tamie and abducted her to Germany, I was quickly confronted with some of the hoops expats have to jump through when they go abroad. Out of that grew the idea for a platform to make going abroad easy and enjoyable: Expat Launcher was born.


I’m contributing with my knowledge of the German legal system, the language, and last but not least the mentality. When I’m not working on Expat Launcher I am probably traveling the world or doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Tamie Arietta - COO & Co-Founder of Expat Launcher
Tamie Arietta

Co-Founder & CEO Expat Launcher

Founder of Speakeasy Language Academy e.K 

Hi, I am Tamie Arietta, I’m a true nomad at heart.  After I decided to take a year off from the corporate world, I began my journey traveling, volunteering, and studying around the world. Luckily, I found a way to combine my love for traveling, helping others, and teaching. After receiving my TEFL certification in Italy, I designed, developed, and started: Speakeasy Language Academy a platform to assist freelance English teachers wanting to live abroad and teach privately. After two years of successfully assisting dozens of freelance English Teachers around the world in getting their visas and permits; I knew there was still a need to help others looking to transition abroad not only freelancers, but students, expats wanting to learn German, start companies, or become employed.  


My first year applying for a permit was painstakingly horrible trying to figure out all the hoops you have to jump through to live in a foreign country. There is so much misguided information online that most people don’t know where to start or how to go about moving and living in another country; to be honest, most of the information you find online is wrong or outdated. Worst of all, it's information from someone's one-time experience. 


This is how and why Expat Launcher was created. Janis, my amazing supporter, translator, and lawyer has been there right by my side and has seen the hurdles expats face when trying to get settled abroad. That’s why we provide full-service packages with one-on-one support; we want other expats to experience a painless and smooth transition abroad.  




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