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Expat Jobs in Germany - How to find one

Germany is a very attractive place for many who wish to follow a career abroad. The German job market has a lot to offer and chances for expats are becoming unlimited. Many fear the German language and feel like this will be the no go of their chance to land a job there. However, this is not an issue for foreigners any more since Germany has become the international hub of Europe's labor market.

To help you with your job search in Germany, we have prepared all the essentials for you! Let’s take it to step by step and ensure you are ready to take action and prepare for relocating to Germany with your new job.


Lebenslauf / CV Writing Tips

We all know some of the most common German stereotypes. Germans are usually said to be extremely precise, organized and people that pay attention to structure down to the last detail. Having noticed these nationwide valued qualities it is important to make sure you communicate to your potential German employer that you possess them from the start. The first chance to do this is by bringing into play a well-crafted CV adapted to the German professional style. Remember, the first impression is the last impression.

Here are some tips tailored to the German CV expectations:

Include a photo - add a professional looking-photo to your CV and make sure the quality is high and the size is appropriate.

Write down some extra personal information details - this might be missing on your current CV template, but you might need to include your age, place of birth, phone number, email, and home address, etc.

Put your education and work experience in the expected order - note that this section of your CV should be written in reverse-chronological order, going all the way back to your high school and first job.

Work out the structure - make sure the design of your CV makes it easy to follow and find information quickly. With the visual representation, your aim is to make it graphically appealing and comprehensible.

There are plenty of German CV examples and templates available online that will help you be in line with the expected style of your resume.


Where to search for jobs in Germany

Apart from the usual resources such as LinkedIn and Indeed’s Germany jobs section, there are some other local websites such as Berlin Startup Jobs and I am expat DE. Another method that is growing in popularity when it comes to finding interesting offers is using Facebook groups.

Here are a couple of groups that current job expats in different German cities recommend:

Frankfurt International Jobs - Frankfurt is known as the business and financial center of Germany. In this group, you can find a lot of information and job offers at first hand.

Hamburg Jobs with English - If you have difficulty finding a job as an expat in Hamburg, join this group. New jobs are added on a regular basis and you can also use the discussion option to find out more about employability in Hamburg.

Dusseldorf Jobs with English - Find some unexpected Dusseldorf based offers while you scroll down the posts. Just like the rest of the groups, admins ensure the content available is legitimate and trustworthy.

Munich English speaking jobs - With more than 23,000 participants, the Munich English Speaking Jobs group will for sure help you get an insight into the job-seeking world for internationals in Munich. There are plenty of daily posts from recruiters advertising job opportunities in different business sectors.



Networking is an essential part of your job search. In countries like Germany, there are always events around and many opportunities to go out there and meet people to form professional relationships and get in contact with others. Make use of alumni associations, conferences and workshops, LinkedIn connections, expatriate groups, and common interest groups and events in Germany. It is essential to be proactive and ensure you put yourself out there in the correct manner.

To help you handle your social networking here are some hints based on German habits:

-> When first meeting someone, a handshake with direct eye contact is a common way to greet the person in front of you.

-> When chatting in a professional setting, avoid asking personal life questions right away. Try to build a connection based on the setting you are in.

-> Always be on time for any occasion, punctuality is key, and being late will never work in your favor.



Another great way to get your career abroad started is to do an internship in Germany. Most internships are paid and if you are a good fit you have a good chance to be offered a full-time contract after the internship period.

Common Expat Jobs

Once you decide you would like to work in Germany, prepare to be flexible in the beginning. Everyone has preferences when it comes to the job type but it is key to focus on more than just one business sector and be open to different opportunities until you find your way around. Some of the common roles for expats are in Customer Service, Sales, Account Management and Business Development, Tech and IT, Marketing, Hospitality, and Teaching.


There is no surprise that Germany is one of the most popular expat hotspots in Europe! Secure jobs, trusted economy, high salaries, and plenty of opportunities to grow, make the country appealing for international work experience.

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