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Health insurance is mandatory in Germany and a requirement for every successful permit (visa) application. 

Expat Launcher Health Insurance Germany

Expat Launcher's in-house insurance broker Janis Reinholtz is registered with the Hamburg chamber of commerce and specializes on Expats coming to Germany.

You will get:

  • The required insurance for your visa type

  • Best rates

  • Coverage customized to your needs

  • An Understanding of the legal implications

Do you really want to be bound by an insurance contract you barely understand? Book your free insurance consultation via Skype or Phone today and get a free quote!

Health Insurance


Health insurance is mandatory for every visa or resident permit application in Germany. The health insurance system can be tricky and is separated into public health insurance (statutory) and private health insurance.



There are currently 110 public health insurance providers and 44 insurance companies in the private sector. They offer a wide variety of different contracts in regards to coverage, monthly premium, and other factors. On top of that, the private sector offers international insurances and travel insurances. 



Why would you want to go through the hustle of figuring it out by yourself when you can get an expert explaining it to you? - Our advice is 100% free! 



You need specific health insurance for your visa type. A cookie-cutter solution won't leave you happy in the long run or match your visas health insurance requirements. 

Health Insurance Germany
  • Freelancers / Self-Employed: Most Freelancers and Self-Employed are only eligible for private health insurance. Depending on your particular situation, visa office and further plans, a travel insurance or international insurance company might be the best fit. 


  • EmployeesEmployees earning more than € 450 (Minijob) and less than € 4,950.00 monthly will generally be publicly insured. Public insurances charge 14,6 % of the income, which will be split 50/50 between the employee and the employer. On top of that, most insurances charge an additional fee of up to 1,7 %. Minijobbers are typically required to take up private health insurance, employees with an income above € 4,950 can choose between the private and the public sector. 


  • Students: Students at a German university will typically be covered by public insurance. 


  • Language Students: For Language Students, who visit Germany to attend a language class, private travel insurance will normally be the best fit. 


This information is only for general purposes and can in no way substitute for a personal 1-on-1 consultation.


Your health insurance options might be very specific and depend on circumstances like your age, visa type, city, duration of stay, medical requirements, etc. 


Stop the guesswork and get free advice from an expert. Compare the best health insurance companies in Germany and get a free quote.



Other Insurance Categories

​Depending on your individual situation, other insurances besides health insurance might be needed, useful or even mandatory. ​We are happy to assist you with all your insurance needs in various categories.

  • Liability Insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung): Protect yourself from liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. Lawsuits even for simple damages can be costly, but you can mitigate that risk with cheap liability insurance for just a few Euros per month. Accompanying private liability insurance, you might also want to cover yourself from damages occurring in your job with professional liability insurance.

  • Car Insurance (Kfz-Versicherung): If you want to own and register a car or other vehicle such as a boat or motorbike, vehicle liability insurance is mandatory. This will protect you from claims against you in case of an accident. On top of that, you can cover damages to your own car with additional insurance.

  • Household Insurance (Hausratsversicherung)Whether you own or rent, you can cover your home, apartment and precious possessions with household insurance. Some tariffs include protection from the costs of a locksmith in case you lock yourself out or lose your apartment keys. 

  • Many More: There are plenty of insurances for almost every risk you want to protect yourself from. These can include Care Insurance (Pflegeversicherung), Loss of income (Erwerbsausfall), Retirement / Pension (Rentenversicherung) and many more.

Health Insurace Germany

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