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Our Story

Sharing our experience, so you don’t have to go through it alone. 

Expat Launcher was founded in 2017 by Tamie Arietta from San Diego, California, USA and Janis Reinholtz from Nuremberg, Germany. We decided to launch our company in the hopes that no other expat would have to go through the immigration process alone.

Sharing our Knowledge

As an American expat herself, Tamie has been through the permit application and relocation process. 


Beginning a new life in a foregin country didn’t end with acquiring her permit or securing work. Tamie had to learn to adjust to a new culture, learn a new language, navigate a completely new legal and health care system, secure employment and overall adjust to a new life. 

After having jumped through dozens of bureaucratic hoops, she founded two companies on foreign soil. Now, Tamie loves to help other expats land on their feet in Germany through Expat Launcher and its sister company Speakeasy Language Academy, which supports language teachers in their pursuits. Together with her partner Janis, who is trained in law and as a health insurance broker, they bring together their combined years of knowledge and experience to successfully support their clients in their transition to Germany.

Our Mission: What drives us

Our mission is to share our knowledge, experience, and expertise in all areas of the relocation process so that you don’t have to figure it out alone. We put our years of personal and professional experience to use so that you can focus on the big picture: starting your new life in Germany. 


Expat Launcher has helped hundreds of clients with a 100% visa success rate. We specialize in health insurance for expats and freelance and employment visas and permits. Our team consists of locals and expats with extensive knowledge of the German immigration system and the challenges faced when relocating to a new country. 


We provide consultation on every topic paramount to expats moving abroad.

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