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Going abroad can be stressful and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here you will find the only service that you will ever need to smoothen your transition to Germany:


The Expat Launcher's

Moving Abroad Package

Expat Launcher - A clear path abroad

Stop trying to research all the necessary information that’s scattered on hundreds of sometimes unreliable websites, in different languages or not out there at all. Start fully enjoying your expat life and let us do the work for you. We took all the experience from our own transition, the expertise of a German law graduate and the reality proven strategies we’ve been using with our members for more than three years. We have condensed all of it into our easy to follow step-by-step instructional plans. These plans have helped 100 % of our members to get their freelance, student, and language visas, and they will work for you too. 

What We Offer:

  • Complete Permit (Visa) Process: We assist you in choosing the right visa (freelance, student, or language visa), and we help you apply and get approved. Full access to our step-by-step guide and consultation on the quickest way to get your visa. One-on-one preparation before your appointment - all official forms included.


  • Apartment Search: Finding your new home! No matter what you are looking for: furnished or unfurnished, big or small, long-term or short-term... we can find you the perfect place to live.


  • Registering Your AddressProviding you with the correct German forms, assisting you with filling them out and setting up your registration appointment.


  • Health Insurance: Setting up appropriate health insurance to meet current German law requirements for your type of visa. Affordable tariffs that are tailored to your needs and are accepted by the Ausländerbehörde/Visa Office (Free consultation with our in-house licensed and specialized broker included).


  • Pre-Move Checklist: Prepare for your move to Germany with our step-by-step checklist. 


  • Arrival Plan: Our easy to follow instructions will help you find a place to live and explain what to do now that you have arrived in your country — full access to our Expat Launcher online community. 


  • Getting Settled: Take the hassle out of getting settled in your new country; we give you the tools to understand Germany's life hacks, find things to do and what to expect.


  • Professionals Abroad: Starting your freelance business in a new country can be confusing; we show how to set up your freelance business.


  • Learning German: We offer a list of preferred language schools and affordable options. Tips and Apps included. 


  • Setting Up a Bank Account: Providing a list of preferred banks that offer free banking. An easy to follow detailed step-by-step instructional translated into English. Assistance filling out all forms and translation of documents. 


  • Getting a Mobile Phone Provider: Detailed instructions, including a selection of mobile providers. Assistance filling out all forms and translation of forms. 


  • Tax Information: How and where to apply for your tax id. Connecting you with an international tax accountant. 


  • Translation of Official Documents: We will translate official documents as needed, so you save time and do not get lost in translation. 


  • Scheduling of Appointments with Local Authorities: We will contact the local authorities on your behalf and set up your appointments for you. 


  • Going to Visa Appointment in Person: Included in our premium package, we will have a German/English speaker to assist you during your appointment. Extra costs for our standard package. Only available in certain cities.


  • One-on-One Customer Support: We offer unlimited email and skype support to our premium members. Our standard package includes unlimited email and one time Skype support for visa preparation. 


  • Digital Instructional MAP: Our online instructional moving abroad package is available to our clients with unlimited access for 6-months. You will also be part of our online community, so you can meet other expats. 

Become a member of our community and replace the stressful uncertainty with the confidence that everything is cared for and all your questions are answered. Save time, save money, and save your nerves. We will give you a detailed and easy to follow A to Z Roadmap for every step of the way from your first thought of going abroad to having your visa approved and being settled in Germany. 


We developed the knowledge, strategies, and tips that will get you settled in Germany in no time.  Get in the know on exactly what to do, when to do it and where to do it by following our reality proven up-to-date Instructionals.  

Sign up and get rid of all the stress and confusion in your visa process!

Do you still have questions?

Set up your free Skype call with us. 

Expat Launcher - a clear path abroad

Expat Launcher is your clear path abroad.

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