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Are you an expat moving to Germany?

Your Journey Starts Here...

We have the know-how you need.

Expat Launcher offers a one-stop shop solution to expats looking to move abroad; specializing in the German market.


We provide consultation on every topic that is paramount to expats moving abroad. Our main focus is to streamline the visa process and getting the expats started with their everyday life living in a foreign country. We offer a stress-free way to move abroad. We provide everything you need to smoothly transition abroad and get settled. It doesn't matter where you are in your move: we can help!


One-on-one guidance and support, checklists, how to: register your address, where you live, visa preparation including filling out the necessary forms. Access to proper health insurance to meet your visa requirements, free bank accounts, expatriate tax accountants, social networking in your local area.  We save you time, money and provide an enjoyable moving experience. Pack your bags and let us show you the way! 

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