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Access Instructions: DO NOT Close This Page!

Thank You For Ordering The Address Registration Service!

Please DO NOT Close This Page! Read these instructions carefully to make sure your access is not lost

and to see how you can get your visa in Germany and more services for Expats abroad– easy, fast and super affordable!

Please make sure you entered the correct email address and have whitelisted in your email program, so our emails don’t end up in your SPAM folder.

Here is why it’s so important that you entered the correct information: We need to be able to contact you, so we can provide the Address Registration Service you bought and its access instructions.

Also, the Address Registration Service you ordered is part of a bigger Moving Abroad Package (MAP) with 16 services, instructional plans, and tool kits for Expats Moving to Germany. Your email address is the key to this Expat Launcher “Moving Abroad Package”.

You have already purchased the Address Registration Service and thereby taken one first step to getting settled in Germany. The other more than 15 services will help you with all the steps after that- such as getting the visa, finding the right health insurance or setting up utilities.

Normally, these services would sell for a price of about € 19 to € 59 each (or € 699,99 in total), but in just a second I will explain to you how you can have them for a fraction of that.

As you might already know, going abroad can be stressful and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We want to smoothen your transition to Germany so you have your head free and can fully take in all the new experiences.


The Expat Launcher Moving Abroad Package will provide you with all the necessary services, information, and strategies to not just get you settled – but get you settled fast and relaxed. This is the reality proven service package that we are using with all of our clients all over Germany since 2014 with a 100% visa approval rate.

The Expat Launcher Moving Abroad Package (MAP)

Here’s a sampling of what’s included in this package:

Health Insurance Consultation


Full Visa Support with a 100% visa approval guaranty.


Setting up the utilities for your apartment


1-on-1 consultations on any Expat related topic - ask us every question you have


How to get your tax ID

Translation services

Setting Up a German Bank account


How to get a German phone number

…just to name a few.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to waste all my time on the research, clicking through unreliable information scattered all over the internet or not there at all and risk getting my visa denied.


At, we’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, we made some mistakes a few times and wasted hours in preparation and at the authorities…


…and we do this stuff for a living!


So now you don’t have to do it alone! 


Become a part of the Expat Launcher community and meet our Experts and other Expats in Germany. Share experiences, exchange recommendations and get help with all the challenges you will face going abroad.

70% discount off the normal rate!

As I mentioned before, this Moving Abroad Package (MAP) normally sells for € 699,99. But because you have already taken the first step by investing in one of our services you can upgrade to the whole package now for 70% off.

That’s right, your investment today is just € 209,70!


But fair warning:

You will never see this offer again. Once this window closes, so does your opportunity to get the package at this discounted rate and receive all the bonuses that come with it.


You can either waste € 200 every month by spending too much on health insurance, phone bills, utilities, and bank accounts, etc., or you can:

SAVE MONEY -  Follow our tips regarding health insurance, bank accounts, phone providers, and other services in Germany – we know the best offers on the market so you won't need to overpay.


SAVE TIME -  We have done the research for you! Don’t waste hours clicking through unreliable websites without knowing if what you are reading is actually true or up to date. Find all the information you will ever need about expat life in Germany in one spot.

SAVE NERVES - Know you'll get your visa and everything's taken care of by following the plan that gets’s our client's visas approved: 100% a time!

You can upgrade to the whole package now for just € 209,70. That’s 70 % off the normal rate.


But remember:

This is just for you because you have already taken the first step by investing in one of our services. Once this window closes, so does your opportunity.

Oh yeah, and there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you follow our plan and don’t receive the visa. You either get your visa approved, or you get your money back!

Click the “Upgrade Now” button and get access to our services immediately!

YES, I'd like to upgrade my individual service to the full Moving Abroad Package for just € 209,70. I understand that I am receiving a massive discount.

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