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Pet Transport

When it comes to bringing your pet from North America to Europe, advance planning is key. Germany and the EU have more requirements than in North America: which include registering your pet, shots and even taxes.

In your consultation we will:

- Review the requirements, transport options, pet carriers, and landlord permission;
- Communicate with your local vet and review required documents;
- Provide a requirement checklist and guideline;
- Share a guide for microchip, shots, pet passport and USDA documents;
- Offer a list of USDA accredited veterinarians;
- Provide required German and English documents and forms;
- Coordinate APHIS endorsement;
- Register your pet insurance;
- Set up your pet license with the local authority;
- and provide a list of local veterinarians and animal hospitals.

Additional fees (vet, APHIS, licenses, pet carriers, flight, pet tax, etc.) are the pet owners' responsibility.

Pet Transport

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