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Freelancers, Artists and Self-Employed:

FREE 15 Minute Health Insurance Consultation for Expats in Germany

German bureaucracy can be confusing - Time for some certainty! Schedule a 1-on-1 call to ask all your questions and find out how we prepare expats for their visa appointment.

Free consultation - Understand German visa laws  for freelancers, artist and self-employed - speak with out experienced visa consultant and ask all your  questions 

Experience from over 220 visa applications with a 100% success rate - We are strictly specialized in Expats coming to Germany

We have succesfully worked with foreigner offices in 31 different cities all over Germany and can advise on local requirements and differences

Our clients love us - 5.0 rating on Facebook and 4.7 stars on Google Reviews

Learn about health insurance requirements, how to find housing, ​letters of intent, financial report and more

Best of both worlds: Our team consists​ of longtime expatriates and German law graduates

Schedule the most convenient time for you and attend the call from the comfort of your home

Janis Reinholtz - Licensed Insurance Broker and CEO of Expat Launcher.

This is a FREE service of Expat Launcher.

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   Your Information Is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared.

Melissa Review

Melissa, Hamburg

English teacher from USA

"Expat launcher was a great help to my transition into Germany. It made the process of getting my visa so much easier. It was nice to have people to check in with and know that things were progressing and to be able to voice questions and concerns."

Kate, Berlin

Yoga instructor from


"I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. I can't thank you enough for making my move to Germany smooth. Expat Launcher gave me accurate information and excellent advice thoughout my visa application process."

"I highly recommend Expat Launcher's service. It takes off a huge burden in a stressful time."

Jan, Stuttgart

Medical Engineer from Slovenia

"The speedy responses were great."

Jennifer, Duesseldorf

Freelancer from USA

Review Picture - Tyler.jpg

Tyler, Munich

English teacher from USA

"Thanks, both of you, for all your hard work to get me to this point! I definitely couldn't have done it alone."

Vaughan, Cologne

Freelancer from USA

"Truly professional handling of all my Cologne misadventures. Honestly you guys are really a godsend and I have no complaints."

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